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Trusted Medications has never supported spam or any bulk emails that sent identical messages to several recipients since its inception.

If you are receiving spam, you may install spam-filter such as:

10 Common suggestions to avoid email trouble

  1. Say no to porn. Your spam filter software will reject mail from your frequent spammers’ email addresses or certain words such as free med, porn or sex in subject lines.
  2. Most of the unsolicited emails are harmless junks from someone just hoping to generate sale. However, there are players out there that are trying to scam you. Never reply to those emails or “unsubscribe”. By clicking the “unsubscribe”, it will only alert the senders that your email ad is being used.
  3. Avoid spam by using spam blockers. There are several spam blockers available these days that gets spam email tossed into the spam folder.
  4. Use zip-locks to zip and encrypt important attachment. You can find this software at if you do not have one.
  5. Avoid cookie collector from emails by evil doers who wants to snag your information. Use software like Eudora pro that lets you shut Automatic Web Browser rendering engine.
  6. Do not use your browser to read email on someone else’s machine. But if you insists on snooping, always use “clear history” when you’re done to prevent subsequent users from getting into your mailbox.
  7. Keep your anti-virus software updated.
  8. Never leave your emails on your desk logged on.


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