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Veinotonic / Circulation

Circulation is vital to our health. It is the process where our blood pumps blood around the body. Circulation is responsible for the distribution of blood-filled oxygen and nutrients needed by our body to produce energy.

Increase blood circulation is very important. Below are some benefits we can get from good blood circulation.

  1. It helps promote the growth of our cells and organ functions.
  2. Better blood flow can make our skin healthy. It can help our skin fight infections and bacteria.
  3. It can lower the blood pressure and heart rate.
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Gingko Plus (Natural product)

Gingko Plus capsule is a natural herbal supplement. It’s a brain tonic capsule and is one of the oldest herbal supplements. It contains powerful antioxidants that can fight infections and inflammation. It improves blood circulation and heart health. It is anti-stress, anti-aging and anti-depressant that helps reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

60 Capsules - $22.62

Veinaxyne (Natural product)

Veinaxyne is a food supplement that contains 15 active ingredients that are formulated for good venous circulation. Venous circulation problems occur when the vein wall cannot return the blood to the heart. This problem is spreading widely. The heavy leg feeling is one of its signs. The poor circulation may cause problems like varicose veins, leg ulcer or edema, swollen legs and ankles and formication.

60 Capsules - $16.50


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