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Anti-Cancer Drugs

Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells that grow out of control. The abnormal cells are known as cancer cells or tumor cells.  It is non-contagious. It has the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue in the body. Cancer cells can often spread throughout the body.

There are about 200 types of cancer. They are identified according to the name of the tissue where they grow. Cancer affects millions of people and causes millions of death. It is the second-leading cause of death in the US.

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Hepcinat (Sofosbuvir)

Hepcinat (Sofosbuvir) is an oral prescription medication that is effectively used in treating hepatitis C in adults. It is used along with a drug like ribavirin in treating hepatitis C in children. Hepcinat can also be used in treating patients with cirrhosis and HIV.

28 Tablet/s - $300.00

Sorafenat (Sorafenib)

Sorafenat (Sorafenib) is an effective medicine that prevents the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. It contains Sorafenib as an active ingredient. Sorafenat is used to treat late-stage kidney cancer, liver cancer, thyroid cancer and other related conditions. It is a cancer agent that interferes with the growth of cancer cells that destroys the body. The active ingredient of this drug is a targeted therapy drug called tyrosine kinase inhibitor. It works by blocking signals in the cancer cells that make them grow. Blocking the signals causes the cells to die. It can also stop cancer cells from developing in the blood vessels. Blocking the signals may reduce the supply of oxygen and nutrients to stop the cancer cells from growing.

120 Tablets - $257.40

Erlonat (Erlotinib)

Erlonat (Erlotinib) is an anti-cancer drug. Erlonat can treat patients with metastatic non-small cancer lung cell (NSCLC) that has spread to the nearby tissues and other parts of the body. Erlonat is also used in combination with other drugs to treat patients with locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer that cannot be treated with surgery.

30 Tablet/s - $244.20

Soranib (Sorafenib)

Soranib (Sorafenib) is an anti-cancer medicine that contains an active ingredient Sorafenib. It is a protein kinase inhibitor that is used to treat solid liver, kidney, and thyroid tumors. It works by slowing down the growth of the tumor. It also cut the blood supply to the tumor by blocking tumor angiogenesis. Soranib is used to treat advanced solid tumors which are usually cancers with a poor prognosis and low survival rate.

120 Tablets - $227.20

Erlocip (Erlotinib)

Erlocip (Erlotinib) is an anti-cancer medicine. It’s a treatment used for treating lung cancer. This drug used in combination with other drugs to treat pancreatic cancer. It contains an ingredient that inhibits the activity of the protein preventing the production of cancer cells. Erlocip is classified as an EGFR inhibitor. This helps the cancer cells to stop from growing. Erlocip is effective when cancer invades tissues and other parts of the body.

30 Tablet/s - $178.20

Renodapt S (Mycophenolate Moftil)

Renodapt S (Mycophenolate Moftil) is an immunosuppressant drug. Renodapt S help the body fights the immune system from rejecting transplanted organs such as the heart, liver, and kidney. The immune system can either fight or reject a transplanted organ. This is because the immune system treats the newly transplanted organ as an invader. It is used in combination with other drugs such as cyclosporine and steroid.

50 Tablet/s - $100.10

Irinotel (Irinotecan)

Irinotel (Irinotecan) is an injection form of treatment. It helps in treating certain cancer. The medicine helps prevent the spread and production of cancer cells. This drug also used in the treatment of cancer in colon or rectum. It contains an ingredient which is an antineoplastic agent. Irinotel is prescribed with other medicines during chemotherapy. Irinotel is an anti-cancer drug that stops the growth of cancer cells. It also works to attached to the topoisomerase I-DNA complex.

1 Vial/s - $72.60

Temoside (Temozolomide)

Temoside (Temozolomide) is an oral anti-cancer drug that is used in chemotherapy. This drug is used for the treatment of certain types of brain tumors. It is sometimes used for the treatment of bone cancer that has come back. Temoside is an alkylating agent. It is not recommended for children under 3 years of age. It should also be given with caution in patients with renal impairment.

10 Capsule/s - $162.50

Oxitan (Oxiplatin)

Oxitan (Oxiplatin) is an anti-cancer medication. It is used during chemotherapy to treat an advanced cancer of the colon and the rectum. Oxitan is used in combination with other drugs to slow down or to stop the growth of cancer cells.

1 Injection - $30.80

Tigi (Tigecycline)

Tigi (Tigecycline) is an injectable antibiotic that fights bacteria in the body. It is prescribed to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections of the digestive system and the skin. However, this drug should be used only for infections that cannot be treated with other antibiotics.

1 Injection - $30.00


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